Dr. Chen Shuo
Dr. Chen Shuo received B.Eng. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong Univeristy, Shanghai, China, M.S. degree in Biomedical Optics from Heidelberg University, Germany and Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is currently an associate professor in Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering School at Northeastern University in China. His research interests include biomedical optical spectroscopy and imaging, non-invasive medical diagnostics, biomedical instrumentation and biomedical image processing.

Contact Information
No. 500 Wisdom Street, Shenyang, Liaoning, P. R. China, 110167
Tel: +86 24 83680230
E-mail: chenshuo@bmie.neu.edu.cn

Selected Publications
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