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Northeastern University——高汉(Han van Triest)
Name: Cui Xiaoyu
Department: Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering School
Position: Lecturer
Title: Doctor of Engineering
Address: Liaoning, Shenyang, Northeastern University, Science Building, Room 102
Email address: cuixy@bmie.neu.edu.cn
QQ Number: 799399815

Short Biography

Cui Xiaoyu received his Bachelor degrees in Electronics and information Engineering in 2007 from Shenyang University of Technology, and received his Master and Doctor degrees in Biomedical Engineering in 2009 and 2013 respectively from Northeastern University. From Jul. 2010 to Jun. 2012, he came to National University of Singapore as a joint training PHD students. His reaearch area mainly in medical image processing which included three-dimensional visualization, parallel computing, prism based stereovision system and its application in endoscopy.



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