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Liu Huilin's Resume
  Liu Huilin was born in 1964.He received the Ph.D. in Computer Application Technology from Northeastern University in XXXX.
  He is a professor in School of Computer Science and Engineering of Northeastern University, having taugh over 200 students.
  He is currently a senior member of the Chinese Computer Society, a member of the E-Government Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, and a member of the Embedded Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics.
  Over the years, he has undertaken more than 30 projects contains the National Development and Reform Commission, the National “863”, the National Natural Science Foundation, and some subject from the province, the city and the enterprise.
  He has published about 50 papers in important journals or related academic conferences at home and abroad, and published "Interface Technology", "Microcomputer Practical Daquan" and so on.

Main research directions : intelligent information processing;computer vision;embedded systems

E-mail : Liuhuilin@mail.neu.edu.cn