• Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates Supervisor of Master's Candidates
    • Name (Pinyin):Tengfei Liu
    • E-Mail:
    • Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
    • Business Address:综合楼712
    • Gender:Male
    • Degree:博士
    • Status:Employed
    • Alma Mater:澳大利亚国立大学
    • Discipline:Control Theory and Engineering


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    Liu Tengfei, Professor, PhD Supervisor

    Email: tfliu@mail.neu.edu.cn

Phone: 13840568071

    Our research group recruits 4 master's students and 1 PhD student each year. We welcome ambitious students to join us.

    Control technology is an indispensable enabling technology for the automation of all devices, and control engineering is the most scientific and intellectual engineering discipline.

    I, as well as my research group, have long been committed to control theory research, especially in the field of nonlinear control theory. We have published 30 papers in top control journals such as IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control and Automatica. I have also received the Guan Zhaozhi Award, and my guidance has led to graduate students winning the Zhang Siying Award and the first place in IMAV 2019 competition.

I have received funding from the National Natural Science Foundation for outstanding young scientists. I have also received awards such as the Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Award (Top Ten Talents) and the Henry Fok Young Scientist Award. As the third contributor, I received a National Natural Science Award, second class.

Most of the PhD students in our research group have published papers in top control journals such as IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control and Automatica. Some have received awards such as the IEEE CSS Beijing Chapter Young Author Prize and the Zhang Siying Award. After graduation, most of them engage in teaching and research work at universities.

Our master's students have won awards in important competitions both in China and abroad, including the first place in the outdoor competition of 11th IMAV competition. After graduation, most of them work in control algorithm development (3 graduates work as control algorithm engineers at DJI) or continue to pursue a PhD degree at universities such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, and Shandong University.

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    Educational Experience

    [1] 2008.4 -- 2011.12
    The Australian National University       Engineering (Systems and Control)       Ph.D.

    Work Experience

    [1] 2011.12 -- 2013.12
    Polytechnic Institute of New York University      Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering      Visiting Assistant Professor