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Research Interests

Our research focus on biomedical analysis and therapy using micro/nano devices. We aim to enhance the selectivity and sensitivity of the diagnostic probe and develop drug delivery systems with targeting and responsive functions. By means of nucleic acid and protein regulation technology, a series of detection probes targeting mRNA, DNA, and glucose, as well as intelligent drug delivery systems designed to facilitate precision localization and quantitative release were developed. The genetically encoding and wireless sensing capabilities of these nucleic acid probes solved the challenges in amplification, storage, early diagnosis of diseases originating from nucleic acid mutations and methylation. Leveraging nucleic acid and protein-initiated biomineralization, probe protection and targeted responsive release was also achieved. Additionally, a compact micro-device with integrated functions including sampling, analysis, and response was established for diabetes treatment with promising results, which provides a new strategy for safe, efficient, and convenient disease diagnosis and treatment. 


Alma Mater:University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Degree:Doctoral Degree in Science School/Department:NEU Business Address:South Lake Campus, Chemistry Building A, Room 312 Contact Information:Email: wangzejun@mail.neu.edu.cn E-Mail: